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Okay, so upon reading this title, tell me what the first food you thought of. If your answer is anything other than trail mix, I’d be quite skeptical. However, I wouldn’t put it past people to come up with other common things, whether they’re more natural like fruits and veggies or something a little more processed.

But no matter what you do when eating on the go, try to make it healthier than you normally would. Most people who like snacks to go are those in busy lives, constantly on their next flight, road trip, or hike out into the wilderness. Opt for natural if possible.

Without further adieu, here are a few snacks that make perfect on-the-go eats whether you’re in the midst of wilderness or just riding along in a vehicle on a particularly long drive for the holidays. Luckily these are quite a bit healthier than more common snacks like chips, candy, and jerky bars. Maybe you’ll find one of them appetizing and choose to take it on your next trip. Let’s get into the options!

Nuts and legumes.

There’s a reason these are in every trail mix ever. They’re natural, loaded with good nutrients, and super easy to snack on when walking or traveling. The highlight here should be how healthy they are for you, but the other aspects are just icing on the cake. I like to pair these with fresh fruit for a little bit of variation between a juicy, sweet piece of fruit and the dry, somewhat flavorless nuts. They’re a great balance for each other.

Dried fruits.

It’s fine to take fresh fruits, but for storage reasons (and cleanup), dried fruits are much easier and often have more sugars packed into smaller quantities. This is best for anyone going on a long hike or camping trip. Nonetheless, fresh fruits are just as great for you. They just happen to take up more space and can be a bit messy depending on the fruit you chose to bring along.


Man, flavored pumpkin seeds come to mind immediately when I think of eating seeds. These are great in general because they don’t ruin your appetite but can satisfy any hunger pangs that you may have while your body is trekking along throughout the day. Sunflower seeds are also a great option, though you’ll want to keep an eye out for high sodium content. Too much sodium counteracts the healthy aspects of seeds.

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